Mermaid Sophia Rosado and her inquisitive and creative friends "The King Neptunes™" have been on a journey for 3 years​,​ where they found ​"​Ghosts & Mermaids​"​ on Jersey & Coney Island Shores! You will need to watch our fun, not yet rated (most likely G-Rated) fun movie to find out if she is REAL!

​This unique project was conceived, produced & directed by Award-Winning Professor David Musial in his non-profit pending Smart Trax® Institute of Technology​ in the Newport Area of downtown Jersey City. ​ ​The Rosados were ​awarded ​into ​the Scholarship Program in 2016 for the highly unique MusicTech Kids® & MusicTech Teens® curriculums ​created by Prof. Musial, where students ​have the opportunity to learn how to ​become NextGen Stars®. In this all-volunteer, non-compensated process, Prof. Musial supervised adult college-age apprentices​,​ who learned how to teach kids and teens in his compellingly creative style. 

​It all started with the creation of "​The Mermaid Dance​" song, which​ was inspired by an iPhone app called “SkyView Free” on ​a s​​​​​pring eve at SkyRoom Studios​ 2017​. ​The Rosados and their lovely mom Maria took a walk onto the impressive rooftop terrace at SkyRoom Studio overlooking the NYC Harbor​,​ with Prof. ​Musial. We could see the classic “Parachute” ride at Coney Island, glowing in modern hi-tech “L.E.D.’s”, and David asked them if they had even been there? They said “no”. This gave David a song title idea: “What’s It Like… to go to Coney Island?”. Eric was gazing at the stars with the cool “SkyView” app, when he suddenly started giggling and his mom took a look! It was the constellation “Virgo” and Mom then giggled and said it looks like a “MERMAID”​. ​Eric started to do this wacky “Dance​ move​” … (because he wanted the iPhone back!) David asked them if they had ever heard of the “​Coney Island ​Mermaid Parade”… and hence the birth of the song and music video concept! We wrote it in about an hour! 

​Most of the songs Musial inspires are then developed into music videos, all using the same device the kids use which most parents PROCLAIM​ make the "ADDICTED TO VIDEO GAMES!" (This is the justification for his successful curriculums!) So Musial suggested that they make a trip "down the shore" and we improvise a script while running 4K Ultra HD cameras, and see what "happens"? The intention was to gather some source footage for JUST a music video. We made a few visits in 2017 & 2018 and then the "boys turned into men" and we had to re-think our direction. Imagine that?  In the summer of 2019 we composed and shot the music video for "In the Summer" and put Sophia on the boardwalks dressed as a "mermaid". We entered into green screen ventures and all three of the Rosados learned a great deal of how to produce creative videos! Both brothers attend High Tech High School in Secaucus and John is majoring in TV Production, so Prof. Musial helped them to set up a "green screen" production room, and in Quaranteen 2020, over a phone, he directed John & Sophia. The video was shot on an iPhone 10 in 4K Ultra HD and Sophia voiceovers for the "Ghostly Car" scenes, were recorded inside a "clothing closet" (like a vocal booth), also on the iPhone. All files were transferred via GoogleDrive and "presto" this is how we completed the "Mermaid Dance Montage 2020". This is another successful demonstration of Musial's "thinking out-of-the-box" approach to academia. This entire 9​5-minute masterpiece provided a very interactive approach and concludes with several music videos including "In The Summer".

This ​music video ​is an extreme example of teaching ​"​mentorship to the max​" because Prof. Musal taught Sputnik Erawok 25 years ago at NYU​. It was​ when he won ​"​Instructor-Of-The-Year" for his massively successful courses "Audio For Video I & II". Mr. Erawok has become a​ successful​ inventive Hollywood Film Producer​,​ and he made the instrumental music for this song. Prof. Musial's current apprentices Quadre Presely​​ a.k.a. "DRÉ SB" and Danny Hall a.k.a. "Guru Tha Gawd" ​also ​appears in this song and music video​​. MusicTech Teens® stars Eric & John a.k.a. "The Rosados" are the lead singers. ​They have been assisting Musial with the Rosados since day one. ​Professional​ singers "Melissa Pierre & Maria Reyes" ​also ​sing beautiful backups and a MusicTech Kids® rising star "Jay Jay E" assisted with backup shouts and in acting!


The movie finally "splashes" onto the beaches on MEMORIAL DAY 2020!